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Linda Potts Success Story

Who do you participate in Shape Up RI with?

I participate in Shape Up RI with my co-workers at Roger Williams University.

How many times have you joined Shape Up RI?

I have joined Shape up RI two or three times before, and on one of those times I lost 50 some pounds and felt good. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and I was scared to try again. My friends at work asked me last year but I just couldn’t commit. I was afraid to fail again, so I told them no. So I went on with my life thinking I would always be this weight and never really live my life. It’s really not living if you don’t go out, you don’t see friends, you hate to see people, or try to do anything.

What did you change in your daily routine to achieve success this past year?

This year came again and my friends wanted me to join their team, and I said I would because I am good at the step count part and I just couldn’t take it anymore. So after the horrible super bowl and eating everything and feeling awful, I went into the Shape Up RI challenge at the bottom. I started again trying hard not to let my team down, and then I started trying not to let me down. I know I had to do more so this year so I added the Livestrong app on my smart phone that helped me keep track of all the food I ate and how much. This app gave me a limit and I used it every time I would eat. This made a huge difference! As the weight came off I got out more. This summer I had lost enough weight that I tried kayaking and some snorkeling! This would have never happened without the weight change. I think now that I look at food differently I can live differently. The world is trying to get you to eat everywhere you look and it’s hard to not get sucked in and think you can have some. But for people like me, some is always way too much and too often. I have to say that I suffered for years and I don’t want to any more I want to start living and stop waiting to live.

Do you have and advice for others wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle?

The best quote I heard that helped me was, “the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours.” This made me chose fresh fruits and vegetables as much as I could and limit all the boxed and processed food.

What is your favorite part about Shape Up RI?

My favorite part of Shape Up RI is the team! I liked being with a group that were trying right there with me. My group of co-workers and I would see each other five out of seven days a week so it made me want to hold up my end of the deal.

What is your goal for the next Shape Up RI challenge?

I have lost 76 pounds since the last challenge and I would still like to lose 20 more.

9 Responses to “Linda Potts Success Story”

    • Denise

      Your story is very inspiring to those who have tried and failed over and over. I’m sure your story will touch others who’ve been in the same situation. Teeny steps leads to bigger results….Proud of you!

  1. Diane

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to so many people who have struggled with weight loss. You WILL achieve and maintain your goal.

    • Jenna

      Yes, there are teams that have started up in Barrington. Once you create an account, you can search for teams to join. You can look through the descriptions to see if anyone lists that they are located in Barrington. You can also create your own team, and make it “open” and invite others from Barrington to join your team.

    • Cheryl

      Congratulations, Linda, that is a tremendous accomplishment and one you should be proud of !!

  2. Rochelle Ives

    Way to go Linda and great job. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it! You did it and I’m so very proud of you! You did it! You did it!


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